We have a huge love and appreciation for manufacturing at Dnuvo. As most of our work is based on the most intricate of threads between layers of leather, we find deep inspiration from factories working with these same qualities. Enter Kunal Jangalwa at GK Electricals. We’ve been big fans of his extremely technical electrical equipment manufacturing business as well as his radical ideas in electric vehicle manufacturing. A third-generation entrepreneur, Kunal is mostly seen juggling his role in Sales and Marketing – and you can see on his face the joy it brings him. He was kind enough to let us spend the day at his factory in Bhopal and talk about his beliefs and future plans as a budding entrepreneur. We had a blast!


We, at Dnuvo, are really big fans of your electrical equipment. Could you tell us how you got your start?

Yeah! So, my grandfather established GK Electricals from scratch in 1982 here in Bhopal and grew the business with his sons to become one of the leading manufacturers of High-voltage appliances in India. Ever since I completed my high school, I had a keen interest in the factory. I used to hang out on the floor to understand how it all works. It was at that time when I decided to pursue Electrical engineering to gain an insight into what goes on behind all those circuits. During my engineering days, I worked on an electric vehicle project and built my own operational EV by the time I completed my engineering. I also went on to pursue Masters in International Marketing after which I joined the family business full time. During all this time, I have grown up around the ‘electricity transmission and distribution’ business and my father and grandfather have been my biggest influences in this field. Today, I am focussing on business development / marketing and plan to undertake more responsibilities going forward. So that’s really the backbone of what I do.

What does quality mean to you at GK Electricals?

It’s very simple. Delivering quality is critical for us and requires a wholesome approach to business. And that means manufacturing high-quality products is not enough. Our processes, our relationships, and communication with all stakeholders should be ever-evolving to maintain the highest standards of quality. So quality for us is a never-ending process.

What was the best advice ever given to you?

You know, I have been lucky enough to get too much advice but to really pinpoint that one advice that forms the basis of my daily activities, it was during my on-boarding when my Grandfather told me - From employees to customers, vendors to bankers, lenders to creditors - every relationship is precious. And I abide by it every moment. 

What was the worst advice ever given to you?

During my student days in the UK, I met some management graduates who would be extremely vocal about how Planning for a sound business strategy was everything for them. But I didn’t take this advice, for me and for any young entrepreneur - execution is everything.

What advice would you give to people?

I think people take themselves and others too seriously, at times. This often brings a lot of stress and then bad things happen. Everyone should strike a balance within themselves – a steady mind, healthy body and the right perspective enhances the probability of success.

What gives you ultimate satisfaction?

Working beyond your comfort zone gives me a sense of satisfaction and I firmly believe this should be done in style.

Style - Our in-house style consultants suggested Kunal to step inside Edberg -Viterbo Brown, a pair of monks that would really suit his personality and profile.


Edberg - Viterbo Brown

Favorite thing to do in Bhopal?

Meet entrepreneurs and learn from them – and along the way, explore new eateries in the city. My favorite is Hawaii Adda in TT Nagar New Market.

Are there any projects you’d like to tell us about?

We are working with our partners on a few products for India’s smart cities - Feel free to drop in and you shall be enthralled. ;)